Otrzymaliśmy certyfikat od TripAdvisor - Thaibali masaże tajskie w Krakowie


She comes from Indonesia. She was born in 1984 in Pergung, Bali, called “the island of temples” by its inhabitants, mostly followers of Hinduism.

After graduating high school, Ayu left to the capital city of Bali – Denspar, where she graduated the International School Training Center in Tulip Spa in 2010. As an experienced masseuse she set off on a professional journey. She worked in Turkey at Kener Antalya Bable Palace (2014 -15) and at Hilton Dalaman Satigerme Resort & Spa (2015 -2017). Since December 2017 she has been living in Cracow and she is one of the therapists in ThaiBali.

She specializes in Bali massage, but she also performs other massages and treatments from our salon’s offer. She is a filigree person with an extraordinary beauty and mysterious smile. She feels an inner peace that inspires trust in the person who is “giving himself into her hands”, all the more so because she gives the power of her hand in a skillful, cautious way. Her massages are like a moment of sleep in the open air, which brings comfort both physically and mentally.

Ayu is curious about the world and the culinary from all over the world. She likes tasting unknown dishes and enjoying new tastes. She also likes to cook by herself.