Otrzymaliśmy certyfikat od TripAdvisor - Thaibali masaże tajskie w Krakowie


She comes from Indonesia. She was in 1978 in Nganjuk, in the eastern volcanic part of the Java island. After graduating high school, she started to study on the neighboring island of Bali. In 2009, she graduated the House of Training & Massage with a successful result.

Working at the Hotel All Seasons Bali (2011 – 2013), she improved her skills, with a special emphasis on the complex technique of Balinese massage. After arriving Poland, she continued working for Balinese Massage in Wrocław (2013-2014) and for Mona Spa in Gdynia (2014-2017).

Recently she has been a masseuse at the ThaiBali salon in Cracow. She specializes in Bali massage. Although she gives the impression of a fragile person, the technique of pressure, rubbing, stretching and clapping, supported by the precision of selection of points and body parts and perfection of performance, give excellent relaxing and revitalizing effects.

Iswati is active in sport. It allows her to stay fit for quite a long time in the field of manual therapy in Bali. She is kind to the world and to people for whom she works with dedication and unfailing enthusiasm.