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Thai massage with herbal stamps

90 minutes265 PLN Standard version

120 minutes340 PLN Extended version

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Thai massage with herbal stamps

Thai massage with herbal stamps, which is one of the most effective treatments, has been practised for at least four centuries. It is the combination of two types of massage, after which comes the application of herbal lotion. The most often, this massage is used as a healing one – sometimes, just once to help with inflammatory ailments (temporary aid), in other cases to help eliminate recurring problems (chronic pains).


The aim of the first part – thai massage – is to warm up and reduce muscles tensions (especially neck and lumbar parts). Afterwards, the masseues uses stamps filled with herbal mixture (ginger, lime, cinnamonum camphora, curcuma, guarana, eucalyptus) and then during the ‚stamping’ specific points of the body, they release essential oils which are absorbed with the warmed up skin. The direct effect of this treatment is rehabilitation, it helps to find solace in body and spirit, too. The herbal lotion, which enables to extend the treatment’s effects is used after the procedure.


  • pain reduction,
  • help with ailments during inflammation,
  • improving joints movable.

Therapeutic effect *****
Relaxation effect ****