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ThaiBali Massage

60 minutes180 PLN Short version

90 minutes250 PLN Standard version

120 minutes320 PLN Extended version

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ThaiBali Massage

Performed using sesame oil and Agnihotra powder.

ThaiBali massage is a spécialité de la maison of our salon. It was created as a result of the creative combination of practices coming from a common source: the centuries tradition of holistic medicine in China, India, Thailand and Indonesia. The corporate name of ThaiBali refers to local differences in naming the same type of manual therapy. The results of the sesame oil treatment are strengthened by the use of Agnihotra powder, which is a carrier of the cumulative vital energy created during the Vedic healing ritual. Agnihotra is a purifying and therapeutic healing fire burnt at sunrise and sunset, so during the largest cumulation of the live-giving solar energy. Agnihotra powder used in ThaiBali comes from the ecological village of Bhrugu Aranya and his is a pure product of combustion of natural organic substances.


Masseuse by applying a rhytmical and gentle squeeze alternating with more intense and slow moves along the lines of the so-called meridians, strives to restore the harmonious circulation of the energy circuit and to improve the overall health of the entire organism.


  • Deep relaxation, revitalization of the organism.
  • Reduction of musculoskeletal complaints
  • Relieving stresses and depressive stresses,

Therapeutic effect *****
Relaxation effect ******