Feet massage

45 minutes190 PLN Short version

60 minutes210 PLN Standard version

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Feet massage

Feet massage has become popular, when more and more people started to take interest in reflexology and Chinese naturopathy. The foot has started to be seen as a map of the organism and one of the keys to heal the most important internal organs. The treatment aims to bring comfort and relaxation, but it can also help to diagnose illnesses of various organs and systems.


Feet massage in the garden – 30 minutes 95 zł


The feet massage is based on putting pressure on specific points on human body – so called receptors. Such massage ensures relief in illnesses of internal organs and prevents them. Pressing receptors with various power and gentle stroking with dynamic movements also cause general relaxation. Masseuse uses her knowledge of reflexology, combined with personal data obtained from the client. Feet massage is performed with the use of essential oil, with the person laying down.


  • Strengthening the organism and natural immunity,
  • Help with the illnesses of internal organs,
  • Preventing insomnia, improving quality of sleeping.

Therapeutic effect **
Relaxation effect **