Head, neck & back massage

45 minutes190 PLN Standard version

60 minutes210 PLN Extended version

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Head, neck & back massage

The simultaneous massage of head, neck and back is based on placement of energy channels in the human body. The energetic centre of our organism is at the top of our head, where all meridians meet. The head, neck & back massage affects internal organs and eliminate tensions caused by stress, workload and sedentary lifestyle.


The aim of head, neck & back massage is to affect essential points of energy flow in order to eliminate pain and tensions caused by injuries, longtime stress, sedentary lifestyle, neurosis and other disorders. The masseuse locates the sources of these injuries in head, neck, back mucles and then by putting rhytmical pressure, gentle stroking and rubbing, she aims to eliminate them.


  • Alleviating headaches, neck and back pains,
  • Eliminating chronic pains in the spine,
  • Eliminating pains caused by slipped disk.

Therapeutic effect **
Relaxation effect **