Hot stone massage

90 minutes310 PLN Standard version

120 minutes390 PLN Extended version

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Hot stone massage

This massage originates from India, where using stones in different cleansing rituals has been practised for over 5000 years. The stone ceremonies has been based on Far East philosophy and chakra therapy (the energetic channels in our bodies). The chakra massage and placing hot stones on them aims to remove blockages, which unable energy to flow freely. The hot stone massage is a combination of thermotherapy, dreinage, acupressure, aromatherapy and Swedish massage. The effectivness of this treatment is the result of stimulating skin thermoreceptors and broadening blood vessels.


The basic techniques practised during the procedure are: gentle stroking, delicate rubbing and point pressure. The massage is practised with use of essential, therapeutic oils. The basalt stones used here are volcanic, wave-cut.


  • Eliminating stress factors and tensions,
  • Restoring the proper energy level,
  • Stimulating the blood circulation and increasing blood flow in muscles.

Therapeutic effect **
Relaxation effect *****