Lulur – Indonesian Body Scrub

Cleansing & tonic

Indonesian tradition of body cleansing is based on the belief that external apperance reflects our inside. That is why, since centuries, Indonesian women has attached such importance to practising various beauty treatments, which helped them take care of their health and beautiful body – epecially skin and its springiness, smoothness and softness. Private Lulur rituals has been practised in Bali and Yawa palaces by limited group of women. During pre-wedding rituals practised gentle ‘skin stroking’ on the bride. They aimed to prepare girl’s body, spirit and soul before getting married.

To this day, Indonesian women sacrifice a few hours per day to care for their bodies,they still practise Lulur rituals using plants, herbs, flowers, fruit, seeds and tree bark, which cleansing and healing atributies, have been verified by the generations. And that’s why the exotic named pandan, papaya and avocado are the ingredients of our beauty masks and peelings, which smell beautifully, relaxing right away. Because of their various consistency, they result in deep, gentle ‘skin stroking’ and body detoxication.