Massage with Lomi Lomi elements

60 minutes210 PLN Short version

90 minutes285 PLN Standard version

120 minutes370 PLN Extended version

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Massage with Lomi Lomi elements

Not until recently, the Lomi Lomi Massage has been one of the world’s best kept secrets, with the temple masters Kahunas not sharing it with anyone. Lomi Lomi (‚lomi’ means massage) originates from Hawaii and that is why this ritual is so beautiful. This treatment is deeply relaxing, by dint of the quick smoothness of the masseuse’s touch.


This massage is one of the most unique and harmonious, because of the Lomi Lomi technique. The masseuse’s movements are smooth and gentle, charming and gratious. The massage is practised with large amount of heated essential oils. The most characteristic here is using by the masseuse her arms and elbows – just like it has been done yers ago, during hawaiian initation rituals. Overall, Lomi Lomi – once the mysterious ceremony, the bestselling on-line gift now!


  • Joints elasticizing,
  • Help with ailments of circulatory system, digestive system, osseous system and urinary tract,
  • Stimulating the circularatory and immune systems.

Therapeutic effect ***
Relaxation effect **