Relaxing massage – Aromatherapy

60 minutes210 PLN Short version

90 minutes285 PLN Standard version

120 minutes370 PLN Extended version

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Relaxing massage – Aromatherapy

Gentle massage, which affects both physical state and well-being. It mainly aims to relax, but to stimulate vitality as well. That is why it is an incredible relaxing massage and we recommend it particularly to those of you, who are exposed to high level of stress and who work out a lot. The therapeutic effect of this treatment results from releasing hormones of happiness – endorfines. Our clients notice being in a better mood and better functioning in stressful situations right after the treatment.


The basic techniques, which are practised, are relaxing. It means that masseuse’s touch is delicate, gentle and harmonious. Essential olis are in use here as well – they are absorbed through the skin and respiratory system during the treatment. The essential oils, which we use, are the mixture of natural vegetable oils. The wide range of healing effects can be observed – antibacterial, relaxing, expectorant, diastolic. To complement the whole procedure, the orient music is being played.


  • Improving the quality of sleeping,
  • Help with he treatment of anxiety and neurosis,
  • Eeducing stress tension.

Therapeutic effect *
Relaxation effect *****