Shiatsu massage

60 minutes210 PLN Short version

90 minutes285 PLN Standard version

120 minutes370 PLN Extended version

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Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage originates from China and Japan. The basic of this technique, called acupuncture without needles. is diversified in strenth, finger pressure (‘shiatsu’ in Japanese stands for thumb pressure), which stimulates energetic points called tsubo. This kind of treatment aims to restore the harmony of flow of energy ‘ki’ in energetic channels called meridians. The effect of this treatment is improving the health and well-being. Since 1995, Shiatsu massage has been classified as a healing massage by Japanese Ministry of Health.


Shiatsu is based on rotative-stretching pressure. Masseuse puts pressure on client’s using different parts of her body: hands, thumbs, fingers, elbows, knees, feet. Delicate and dynamic pressure of energetic points on the body aims to unblock meridians and gently strech the muscles. No essential oils are needed during this type of treatment.


  • Elimintating insomnia symptoms,
  • Preventing spine problems and headaches,
  • Reducing muscles tension, especially in the neck and shoulders area.

Therapeutic effect *****
Relaxation effect **