Thai feast

60 min (massage) + dinner for 2 people 599 zł

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Thai feast

Thai feast for the body, soul and senses… in the center of Cracow

At ThaiBali – oriental massage for two – the healing effect of touch. Soothing moments of rest. Full relax. Pure mind. The appetite for life is groing… so the Thai adventure continues.

At Taj Restaurant Asian flavours enchanted in dishes of exotic names are awaiting you: Tom Yum, Tom Youm Talay, Pad Thai… Vege? Of course: Tom Kha, Samosa Phak – a serious of riddles for couple. A dedicated card will explain you everything*
Experience it together!

ThaiBali massage 60 minutes with coconut oil & dinner at Taj Restaurant.


Taj Restaurant Menu


Soup or starter: please select one item

Tom Kha Kai – Coconut milk, lemongrass and galangal soup with chicken, mushrooms and coriander (little spicy)

VEGAN Tom Kha– soups with coconut milk, lemon grass, galangal with sweet beans, tomatoes cherry, enoki mushrooms and fresh coriander (not spicy)

VEGAN Spring Rolls – fried spring rolls with vegetables and soy noodles served with sweet and sour sauce (not spicy)

Chicken Satay – served with spicy peanut sauce and spicy vinegar based dip (not spicy)

Sundried Pork – with spicy tomato sauce (not spicy)


Main dish: please select one item

VEGAN Stir fried tofu with vegetables (bell pepper, carrots, mushrooms, onion) and cashewnuts, jasmine rice (not spicy)

VEGAN Yellow curry with vegetables and coconut milk, jasmine rice (little spicy)

Stir fried chicken with Thai basil and green beans, jasmine rice (spicy)

Stir fried beef in garlic sauce, jasmine rice (not spicy)

Pad Thai Kai – fried rice noodles with chicken, tofu, red onion, sprouts, eeg, peanuts, fried onion and green beans (spicy)

Pad Thai Neua – fried thin rice noodles with beef, tofu, sprouts, carrots and egg(not spicy)


Drink: please select one item

Aperol Virgin – orange spritz syrup, orange syrup, tonic water, sparkling water

Mojito Virgin – sparkling water, mint, lime, sugar syrup

Lemonade lemon and lime

Lemonade mango – passionfruit