Thai Sport Massage

60 min230 PLN Short version

90 min310 PLN Standard version

120 min380 PLN Extended version

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Thai Sport Massage

Thaisport is a combination of Thai-massage and other traditional techniques from the countries of the Far East with western elements taken from the manual therapy from Scandinavia. A fusion of west and east? Not really, as Pehr Henrik Ling, the founder of the “Swedish gymnastics” system, learned a lot from from the traditions of the medical treatments and from the Chinese health philosophy, during his stay in China for several years. They fascinated him because of their efficiency. Thaisport is one of the most intense massages. For that it is mostly dedicated to athletes.


During the treatment, the masseuse uses her hand palm, fingers, thumbs, elbow, forearm and feet. With those, she performs a whole series of long, swinging pulling from a caress to pressure. She pats the muscles rhythmically causing a vibration. Furthermore, she adds elements of acupressure, reflexology and chiropractic.


  • The reawakening of fatigue muscles,
  • Improves nutrient supply for one’s muscles,
  • Relaxation of uptight muscles as well as the elimination of contractures and acidosis, reduction of consequences caused by injuries.

Therapeutic effect *****
Relaxation effect *