ThaiBali Garden Massage

90 min340 zł Standard version

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ThaiBali Garden Massage

Original fusion therapy! The result of the creative cogitation and experience of the entire ThaiBali Garden team. A composition of oriental techniques derived from a common source – natural healing practices and holistic medicine.

A combination of elements from: traditional Thai massage, Shiatsu, Lomi lomi, Pijat Bali and constituents such as: stretching, acupressure, reflexology, in order to achieve the synergistic effect of strengthening their effectiveness. Treatments to regain „strong back” also include three herbal compresses working with blissful warmth, applied at strategic points for the condition of the spine.

Intensive manual therapy of subsequent parts of the body includes a number of techniques that will allow the therapist to remove the burden of daily excess stress, various types of traumas and internal disharmony from your shoulders, which have become a pain in your body that makes you feel uncomfortable. Reduction of muscle tension and stiffness. General relaxation, distinct improvement in prowess. Relief!

Life is beautiful again.