Traditional thai massage

60 minutes185 PLN Short version

90 minutes240 PLN Standard version

120 minutes 300 PLN Extended version

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Traditional thai massage

According to the legend, the thai massage has been practised by the doctor of Bhudda himself. This treatment has been a kind of therapy, which was restricted to king’s family and monks only. The creators of this massage, who come from Thailand, based it on Chinese, Indian and Southasian traditions. This treatment greatly improves our physical health, mood and intellectual capacity by dint of the combination of yoga, stretching, acupuncture and reflexology. The main aim of traditional thai massage ist o unblock the energy channel in our organism, which helps to ensure the harmony and vitality.


The Thai massage is called ‚yoga for the lazy ones’. The client acts together with the therapist, taking the poses, which are inspired by five main techniques of passive yoga, while the massuse puts the rytmical pressure on the client’s skin using her hands, thumbs, elbows and feet. This pressure and stretching are performed only on specific body parts, from head to toes. The massage is practised on king size bed, without the use of essential oils. We provide our clients with a special attire, which does not constrain their movement freedom.


  • Laxity of muscles and joints elasticizing,
  • Removing stress tensions,
  • Counteract osteoporosis.

Therapeutic effect *****
Relaxation effect *